Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope! | Of 3

₹ 1,250.00
Small (Standard Size)


I must have flowers. Always, always…



Masks are definitely an important and necessary part of our lives from now on.
Let the mask you choose express your personality, send out positive energy & messages.

And don’t forget to smile behind your mask!
All our masks are:
- TRIPLE LAYER, made with strict hygiene standards.
- The LINEN top layer has embroidery and contrast edging and a beautiful finish.
- Absorbent and comfortable 100% COTTON INNER TWO LAYERS.
- Slot to INSERT N 95 FILTER if required.
- Soft & comfortable elastic EAR LOOPS.
- Breathable fabric with space in front of the nose to allow free flow of air.

- Washable

-Packed in our adorable “LOVE” cotton pouch



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