Dandelions, Dreams & Laces Mona Dress


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Inspired by the resilience of the dainty dandelions, we bring a thriving melange of grace and strength to this gorgeous collection. A serene 3D heat-press craft is an ode to tradition, embellished delicately on rich organza. Bringing these stunning outfits to life are little sprinkles of delicate pearls and beads intricately woven on soft linen.
Product Details & Care

• 100% Linen + 100% organza
• Length 38" / Model height 5'8"
• Wispy dandelions flowing over the beautiful Mona dress with scalloped lace and seamless vintage lace print fused on organza at the hemline and sleeves with hand cut edges.
• Exquisite hand-embroidered dandelion flowers are embellished with pearls and sequins, and petite lace flowers pervading over the garment.
• Comfort Fit
• Dry Clean Only

Why you'll love it

The dandelion exemplifies that every fall is a chance to rise. You’ll fall in love with our breezy and soothing hues of the collection. From the fields of Dreams, the dandelions pervade over the garments with subtle yet detailed embroidery and embellishments. It’s just perfect for a brunch, conference or even a holiday.

How it's made

Meticulously hand sketched Dandelions are screen printed in the breezy winter hues of the season - Star, Sky, Natural, Off White. Dandelions are then hand embroidered and ornately embellished using pearl beads and sequins. The sleeves and hem are fused organza panels with scrupulous vintage lace prints.

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