₹ 3,500


A perfect gift for now when need to step out with care and caution. This gift set includes two linen masks beautifully embroidered with a rose design to go with the lovely rose scented perfume oil and a handmade vegan soap. 

Simply dab a few drops of the perfumed oil on the inside of your mask and be carried away on a bed of roses. Its all 100% pure and natural and full of the good stuff so you needn’t worry about a thing! You could also dab a few drops on your wrists and pulse points.

The OOMPH oil contains wild notes of Pink Rose, Orange Peel, Geranium, Mimosa, Guaiac Wood, Vanilla & Musk in pure Rosehip oil dilution.

This OOMPH soap contains 100% Vegetable Glycerine, Vitamin E blended with Damask Rose in a moisturising vegan bar of Shea Butter..



· Set of two linen embroidered masks

· All natural perfumed body oil

· Handmade vegan luxury soap



The product will be shipped to you after  7-10 days from the date of order placed.

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