The brand KAVERI began in 2011, for a very personal reason. I had trouble getting dressed. In my mind I was seeing these beautiful, edgy, unique linen clothes that would drape and flow and I could not find them anywhere, and definitely not in my size or budget.

So I simply started making clothes for myself and for my friends, with 3 tailors in the backyard of my parents’ home in Chennai, making 30 garments a month.

One day when a friend suggested I show my work at a show in Mumbai – I mustered up my courage and put together a collection of 300 garments for the show. We sold 270 of those 300 and since then there has been no looking back!

I've always looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment, and have focused that lens on understanding what women need and to be able to provide for that in the way we know how - to make honest clothing that you can relax into, that allows you to be natural & comfortable, joyful & confident in styles & silhouettes that embrace and enhance different body types.

Today we are a team of 120, with our own in-house design, printing, embroidery & production facilities and four of our own stores in India and a presence in nearly 50 multi-designer stores across India, Europe, Sri Lanka, the Middle East.