The fashion industry is one of the most polluting producers in the world. Fast fashion means creating cheap trendy clothes by the hundreds through unethical practices that harm the environment. Today being sustainable is the need of the hour, and we can begin with our wardrobe. Brands have become conscious of their impact and are moving towards a more sustainable future.


House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

 The reason why fast fashion clothes are cheap is because fast fashion giants neglect sustainability for profitability. They use cheap non-biodegradable fabrics full of toxic chemicals and pay inhumane wages to their workers. They are also notorious for dumping large amounts of production waste into water streams and landfills.



Making better choices!

Reduce, Reuse, UpCycle

The first step to becoming a more conscious fashionista is to reduce the amount of fast-fashion clothing you purchase. Most of these clothes make their way into our wardrobes because of impulse purchases, boredom, or lack of control. The trick is to buy a few solid pieces that define your style and personality. Next time you are tempted to buy that fancy-looking crop top, ask yourself, ‘Will I wear this at least 30 times?’

The next step is cleaning out your wardrobe. Most of us have been guilty of hoarding clothes for years. That forgotten concert tee, or velvet jacket that is no longer in style, remains cramped up somewhere in our closets, taking up space and eventually turning into dusting clothes around the house. Donate your clothes to younger family members, NGOs, or anyone looking for some help. Keeping your wardrobe clean helps you maintain your expensive garments and reduces your need to shop all the time.



Upcycling old clothes is a fun way to create new looks and reduce wastage. You can do so much DIY stuff with your old denim, t-shirts, and old sarees passed down by family members. You can easily find DIY ideas and videos on Pinterest or Google.


Fabric matters!


Organic fabrics are better for the environment and are also better for your health. Fabrics like Linen are naturally breathable, hypoallergenic, and kinder to your skin. Untreated linen is 100% biodegradable yet is one of the most luxurious-looking materials available today. The best part about investing in linen is that it will last for decades, becoming softer with every wash.



Linen by Kaveri♥

The Linen collection by Kaveri is inspired by the flow and natural beauty of the versatile fabric. Every garment they make is made from the love for linen and the need to be more conscious of our environment. Here is a sneak-peak into the new collection: The Festive Heart.



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