“A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.” – Miranda Kerr


Flowers have been a symbol of love and femininity for centuries. They are divine in a way that no one can look away from their perfect symmetry and ethereal beauty. Flowers have inspired designers from generations to create intricate prints, dyes, and silhouettes that add interesting elements to any garment. Kaveri, an all linen brand from India, creates designs inspired by the beauty of nature. The flow of linen gives these designs a life of their own as they flow and ebb with your every move. 

The finest floral-inspired outfits from Kaveri

Florals can make you look feminine, festive, or fierce. Here are our favorite floral-inspired designs by Kaveri that will give your wardrobe an instant makeover! 


A charming circular-hem pure linen top, with a ruffled floral zari silk chanderi hem, hand-printed, embroidered and hand-beaded detailing for those who love minimal yet modish designs. 


SIZES AVAILABLE: XS- XXXXL (Customization available on the website) 



Wildflower Classic Navy Tunic

A classic kurta style adorned with floral embroidery and lace detailing for your everyday chic look. Command the conference room in style in your next meeting while you remain comfortable and confident in this wildflower classic navy tunic by Kaveri. 


SIZES AVAILABLE: XS- XXXL (Customization available on the website) 


Flower Riot Mex Pex

This lovely empire waist dress by Kaveri is flattering and fits like a dream. Hand-printed with tonal “sprinkles” print with matching organza detailing for that added charm. Different shapes and sizes of laser-cut flowers scatter and burst in a riot of beauty to give you a creation you will never forget.


SIZES AVAILABLE: S- XXXL (Customization available on the website) 


Piano Sacque Dress

A twist on a classic dress with an adorable cowl framing accentuated with floral thread embroidered vines across the garment, giving you elegance with a sprinkle of dazzle. Look and feel your feminine best in this Piano Sacque dress by Kaveri. 


SIZES AVAILABLE: S- XXXL (Customization available on the website) 


Baby's Breath Poppy Dress

Wrap yourself in the free-flowing Poppy dress by Kaveri, adorned with tiny floral prints to give you a dainty princess vibe. 

SIZES AVAILABLE: XS- XXXL (Customization available on the website) 


“I've always looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. I have focused that lens on understanding what women need and providing for that in the way we know how - to make honest clothing that allows you to be natural & yourself! To be comfortable, joyful & confident in styles & silhouettes that embrace and enhance different body types.”