The fashion industry has influenced our choices based on trends, cheap, mass-produced clothes, and branding power. But in reality, these kinds of products are just a tactic to make larger profit margins, often at the expense of the environment and artisans.

India has been home to thousands of artisans who earn a living through craft production. But with the industrial revolution, they have been pushed out of the mainstream market. Today, they struggle to survive, and big brands take advantage of their desperation by offering them minimum wages and horrible working conditions. Many brands are notorious for child labor crimes as well. 

“The growth of fast fashion and consumer culture has led to some alarming facts and figures, with 80 to 100 billion garments manufactured each year. As the fast fashion model depends on churning out new collections every few weeks, the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of these garments amount to up to 1.2 billion tonnes a year. That’s more than the emissions caused by flights and maritime shipping combined.”

When you buy handmade products, you invest in the artist’s craft. They are unique and wonderful. Support local artisans and small businesses. You will never regret it! 

Why shop handmade? 

  • Handmade products are thoughtful, unique, and original. 
  • Mass-produced products are machine-made, and hundreds of people end up with the same things. 
  • Handmade is sustainable and better for the environment. 
  • Buying handmade products is supporting your local artisans and small businesses. 
  • You will always find something different and wonderful when shopping handmade.
  • Handmade products are customizable and inclusive. 


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Linen is one of the most versatile and sustainable fabrics available today. Made from the flax plant, linen is strong, durable, flowy, and beautiful. Kaveri is the first all-linen brand in India that believes in a sustainable approach towards production by creating designs that last forever. They also upcycle your old garments, recycle linen from older products and uplift their artisans with fair wages and comfortable working conditions. 


“We are committed to operating a responsible business. To make luxurious products that respect & value the planet - beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.” - Kaveri