“Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet” -Pharrell Williams.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry, just after oil. One of the most significant contributors is fast fashion companies that mass produce cheap garments that eventually end up in landfills. Fast fashion captures trends marketed by fashion influencers, models, and celebrities. 

Social media constantly shows you advertisements on the latest trends, and people feel the need to buy-in. The reality of fast fashion garments is that they are of cheap quality made to increase the profit margins for the company. They are machine-made, utilize natural resources, harm the environment, and do not even last for a few months. 

On the other hand, slow fashion garments are made through artistic talents, consume time to produce, and are made from natural fabrics. They may be higher priced but will last you for decades. Think about those beautiful handloom sarees in your mother's possession created by traditional artisans who spend days creating one design. Such treasures last a lifetime! 

Slow fashion vs Fast fashion

Sustainability by Kaveri


At Kaveri, we aim to reduce our impact on the planet by ensuring that none of the resources we use is wasted. With linen, a little goes a long way. The fabric is so strong and durable that it can be reused and recycled multiple times. Our Love Earth initiative, THIS x THAT, encourages customers to bring back their old Kaveri garments in exchange for a voucher of Rs 1000. We reuse the linen to make accessories, bags, and little giveaways for our customers! 


In addition to this, we are also happy to upgrade, alter or repair any of our old garments at no extra cost that our customers bring to us. We offer to print over plain clothes to give them a refreshed look or fix overdyed garments creatively. It warms us to see our customers so attached and happy with our creations.


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