Founder’s note

Hello all,
Hope you're hail, healthy and hearty and hope we have Omicron behind us. It was a month of love, fun and festivities. Here's what we've been up to and what's to come. In the months ahead. we have exciting times that lie before us with new pop up stores, new collections and new sights to explore internationally.

My personal favs

People have often asked me what I would pick as my personal favourite from the range we have created so far. These are a few of my top favourites.

I love the cool checks and the flirty sleeves. This dress is so lightweight and cool and perfect now that our famous summer will slowly start
setting in. With gorgeous shaded thread work flowers and fun tassels, this dress is one of my faves!

One of my other favourites from our line - our signature tunic with heavy embroidery flowers that embellish the front and the back yokes. Crochet laces line the sleeves, hemline and along the side slits of the tunic. Light, breezy, comfortable and stylish.

This V- neck hi-waisted dress in my favourite colour of natural linen with whimsical butterfly sleeves is an easy-to-wear stylish dress. Covered with beautiful flowers that have balletic trails across these garments in soft graceful colours that soothe and calm.


We’ve been busy behind the scenes experimenting with new colours, techniques and styles for our new collections. We’re bringing a process that was discovered in 1842 to today’s fashion with one of our exciting new developments - the cyanoprint.We started off by creating “negatives” of our designs and coated the fabric with a mixture of unique coating substances. Our design negatives are placed on top of the fabric and is covered with a clear glass on top, exposed to a special light which is when the magic happens. How exciting! This is then rinsed in cold water, producing an exquisite print on fabric that’s truly a sight to behold. We can’t wait for you to see them on our new garments.

A gallant affair

It was in this month of love, I decided to create something from my heart to yours with Notes to Myself - a pack of inspiring notes on self-love and appreciation that I hold near and dear and has helped me overcome obstacles in the most unimaginable ways. We spread the word and our love for these notes at a fabulous event held at our store where we played host to a group of wonderful women voicing our minds and hearts on Body Positivity, a topic that’s also close to my heart.

We’re packing our bags for a sartorial adventure

We have some exciting new adventures to look forward to in the coming months. Starting with our brand new pop up stores in Pune, Indore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Coimbatore & Hyderabad.



4 & 5 March, 2022
The Manor

11 & 12 March, 2022
Residency Hotel

18 & 19 March, 2022
Raintree Hotel

Lakme Fashion Week
25 March, 2022

1 & 2 April, 2022
Coomaraswamy Hall

Clients and Team Kaveri feature


Had a ball of a time sharing my love for pizza on National Pizza Day with my fabulous team.


Flaunting my love for checks in Nool with the fabulous Anita Nandini


Do your best to take a deep breath, and another. Remind yourself that the strongest sign of your growth is knowing you're no longer stressed out by the petty things that once used to drain you.


Learning to ignore certain people and things is one of the great paths to inner peace. Once you begin to value your inner peace over your need to react and be right, you will in fact experience more inner peace, and happiness.


When things aren't adding up in your life, begin subtracting. Life gets a lot simpler when you clear the clutter that makes it complicated. Bring your attention back to what's important, and move forward.