Linen is truly versatile. The beautiful fabric is strong, durable, soft to touch, and drapes around your body like a dream. Linen is a rare fabric that takes months to harvest yet is more sustainable than cotton. The rich texture of linen makes it priceless and a wardrobe must-have. In this blog, we picked out made-to-order Linen outfits from the quintessential linen brand: Kaveri. You will find sizes from small to XXXL for most of the designs, or you can connect with Kaveri for any kind of customization you need- FREE of charge! 

Five Linen outfits you absolutely need by Kaveri

Shake The World Square Dress

Abstract, elegant, gorgeous! If you love effortlessly stylish outfits, go for the Shake The World Square Dress by Kaveri. All you need is a pair of your favarite heels and a pop of color on your lips to rock your next team meeting in fashionable comfort. Shop it here: 

Dream Love Mona Dress

The pastel beauty of your dreams is here! The Dream love Mona Dress from Kaveri is a tribute to femininity and strength. Beautiful crochet flowers are appliqued along its silhouette for that added oomph factor. Shop it here: 


Look like a modern-day princess in the dainty flower rain coal top and pant co-ord set by Kaveri. Fashion does not have to be loud. Sometimes softness can be fierce too! Shop it here: 


The Beehive Square top by Kaveri executes corporate realness. It is for the CEO who loves her style but doesn't compromise on her comfort. Pair it with co-ord pants for a complete look. Shop it here: 


Love extravagant elegance? You will love the cocoon silver trail kaftan by Kaveri for its dramatic “Silver Trail” collar, hand-printed "Gossamer" design, and fine gold and silver thread embroidery. Ready to look like a runway model? Shop it here: 

Size doesn't matter!

The brand KAVERI began in 2011, for a very personal reason by fashion designer Kaveri Lalachand who wanted to wear beautiful, edgy, unique linen clothes that would drape and flow but wasn't available in her size. The brand has grown for the past decade with in-house design, printing, embroidery & production facilities that allows them to customize their designs according to their client's preferences. 

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