“I've always looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment.” - Kaveri Lalchand 

The brand Kaveri was started in 2011 by fashion designer Kaveri Lalchand for very personal reasons. She envisioned herself in edgy, free-flowing, fashionable linen clothes that would drape around her body and allow her to feel feminine yet empowered. Being a bigger-sized woman is rarely celebrated in an image-conscious fashion world. 

Kaveri was born to break stereotypes that often define our rigid fashion norms. Kaveri is the first exclusive all-linen brand in India that creates comfortable designs and represents femininity with grace. Soft pastel colors, luxurious linen, and contemporary silhouettes- are the aspects that a Kaveri design will bring into your style. 

The journey

Kaveri Lalchand started her brand KAVERI in 2011 with just three tailors in her parent's backyard. Her first big moment came when a close friend suggested she participate in an exhibition in Mumbai. The brand sold 270 pieces out of the 300 pieces they had made for the collection! Today the brand has grown with a team of 70, with in-house design, printing, and embroidery facilities. 

For the love of linen 

Kaveri is focused on creating authentic linen designs that look and feel luxurious yet have minimal impact on the environment. Linen is strong, durable, and consumes lesser natural resources than cotton. One of the reasons for using linen is the fabric's durability, which allows multiple reuses and recycling. They also upgrade, alter, and repair any of your old Kaveri outfits at no extra cost.  

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